How to create and restore cPanel backups.

How to create and restore cPanel backups.

How to create a full cPanel backup

A full cPanel backup includes all account files, databases, email accounts and settings. 

1. Go to cPanel > Files section > Backup menu: 

2. Click on Download a Full Website Backup: 

3. By default, a full cPanel backup will be saved into your account home directory. Go ahead and change Backup Destination if you would like to choose another target location for the backup. 

Click on Generate Backup to proceed.

4. You will see the following message notifying about the start of the backup generation process: 

5. Click on Go Back to monitor the status of the generation process in real time. 

The green check-mark next to the backup name will indicate that the backup generation has been completed. 
You can now either download it or store it anywhere for future use.

How to restore a full cPanel backup

You can restore the full cPanel backup yourself in WHM > Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File. 

This will overwrite all the existing files, so before proceeding make sure there is nothing important left. 

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